Annual Pass available now!

The Fram Museum can now offer an annual pass. The main reason for offering this now, is the recently started restoration of Gjøa, Roald Amundsen's small sloop, used in the epic voyage through the Northwest Passage 1903-1906.
Annual Pass available now!

The ticket is valid for owner and one extra adult and up to three children under 16.

The price is set to only 400 NOK and gives you unlimited access to our museum.




Twice already Hardanger Maritime Center has worked on Gjøa. First, we strengthened her so she could be moved into the house, where she now stands, without the risk of breaking apart. Our second task was to rig her up to the standard she is today.  During the current work being done, we are going to fit out the boat so that she looks more like she did when she sailed through the Northwest Passage. We are not removing anything, only adding new material, so that she will be strong enough to withstand gravity without sagging. When we are done in June of this year, Gjøa will have her ice sheeting, an extra layer of planks, back on the hull. Inside we are also adding a lot of timber that Amundsen had put in before the voyage.
In this blog, we will report from the workplace.