Private events at the Fram Museum

Take the opportunity now and order a dinner on the polar ship Fram. We are co-operating with one of the leading chefs de cuisine in Oslo.
Private events at the Fram Museum
One of the buffet options at the Fram Museum, by Kreativ Catering


Did you know that you can arrange meetings, receptions and dinners at the Fram Museum? The museum venue creates a unique setting for special events, and we customize every event to your needs. This is the place for people who want to experience a unique part of polar history in addition to good food and wine.

The Fram Museum offers menus inspired by the polar regions – both in the choice of ingredients and composition of the various dishes. Most important is the knowledge behind each dish. Experienced chefs have among other things taken inspiration from the famous polar chef Adolf Lindstrøm’s own recipes.

In our menus you will find traditional Norwegian ingredients in combination with Arctic exclusivity – set in a modern context.

Ckick here to see the different venues and our current menus. Please contact us for further information.