The entire Museum

Reception: 1100 people

On the deck of the polar ship Fram


Arrange an exclusive evening on the deck of the world's strongest wooden ship. Hear about the amazing expeditions of the polar heroes Nansen, Sverdrup and Amundsen and eat on the deck of the ship that has been to both the farthest North and the farthest South of the globe.

Reception: 120 people
Buffet (standing): 120 people
Dinner (seated): 90 people

Explorer's Club (top floor Fram-building)


Explorers club

Explorers Club is the area in front of the bow of the Fram. The walls are decorated with photos of our three largest polar heroes and their expeditions.

Reception: 60 people
Buffet (standing): 50 people
Buffet (seated): 36 people

The Amundsen saloon (below the main deck)


The Amundsen Saloon

Enjoy your dinner in the Amundsen saloon, the very room in which Sverdrup’s and later Amundsen's crews had their meals.

Dinner to dinner: 20 people

The Nansen saloon (below the aft deck)


The Nansen Saloon

The Nansen saloon, located in the aft of Fram, was the only saloon on the first expedition. Here Nansen and his crew ate their meals and in the cabins around they lived for 3 years while drifting with the ice over the Arctic Ocean, hoping to reach the North Pole.

Dinner to the table: 10 people

Framheim (lunch)



Framheim is the Museum Café, named after Amundsen's base built on the ice in Antarctica. There he and the crew lived before they attempted to reach the South Pole. In the Café we have built similar cabins with tables and benches inside, and windows through which one can see the northern lights and movies from various polar expeditions.

Capacity: 60 people

The Gjøa-building (1. floor)


Ground floor Gjøa

After waiting on the lawn outside the Fram Museum for many years, Amundsen's polar ship Gjøa has finally been brought inside. Around the ship and among the exhibits one can now arrange even larger events. Not only do you get to sit under and around the first ship to sail through the Northwest Passage, but hanging from the ceiling are models of the air ship Norge and the N-25 airplane.

Reception: 500 people
Buffet (standing): 400 people
Dinner (seated around round tables): 150 people
Dinner (seated around square tables): 200 people

Temporary exhibitions area (2. floor Gjøa-building)


On the second floor in the Gjøa-building is our temporary exhibition which changes from year to year. In 2017 a large section of this floor will be dedicated to the C.A. Larsen exhibition. From this floor you have a nice view of the polar ship Gjøa as it is level with the main deck of the ship.

Reception: 200 people

Cinema (1st floor of the Gjøa-building)


The cinema

Capacity: 116 people
HDMI-, VGA- and AUX- connection
Two wireless microphones and one butterfly microphone (hands-free)

Conference Room (1st floor of the Gjøa-building)


The conference room

Lecture hall set-up (rows of chairs, no tables): 50 people
Meeting room setup (Horseshoe): 24 people
Serving (daytime):
Mineral water
Packed equipment (incl.)
Projector + screen
HDMI-, VGA- and AUX-connection
Flipover x 2

Guided tours outside the opening hours

Max 30 people per guide
Optional - tour in the engine room

Other technical equipment

Speaker x 2
Small mixing table (input for 2 microphones AUX)
Microphone w/cord
(possibility to obtain more/other equipment upon request)

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