Journal Of A Voyage Of Discovery To The Arctic Regions

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This journal, published in 1819 and generally attributed to Alexander Fisher, assistant surgeon of the Alexander, describes Sir John Ross’ abortive expedition to search for the North-West Passage.

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Ross’ own report of the voyage (also reissued in this series) was highly controversial, and William Edward Parry (1790–1855), who had commanded the Alexander, was sent by the Admiralty early in 1819 to continue the mission instead of his former superior.

Fisher’s account, which he insists is ‘strictly true’, begins with details of the generous provisions and special cold-weather equipment on the ships (including a form of central heating, and wolf-skin blankets issued gratis to all personnel). He vividly describes Baffin Bay, icebergs, and ‘dismal’ black cliffs, identified by regular compass bearings.

Later, the author expresses surprise at Ross’ ship turning around and leaving Lancaster Sound, although no land was visible ahead; this incriminating detail may explain Fisher’s preference for anonymity.

Alexander Fisher




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