The Endurance Coin

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The Explorers Club is proud to release this limited edition coin, celebrating the finding of Ernest Shackleton’s legendary ship Endurance in Antarctic waters. Only 106 Coins will ever be made — one for each year Endurance was lost in the Weddell Sea — before being found by the Endurance22 Expedition on March 5th, 2022, carrying Club Flag #35.

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Led by Club Member Ernest Shackleton, Endurance set off in 1914 for the Antarctic Circle as part of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition. Eventually, disaster struck when the ship became trapped in pack ice and, nearly a year later, sank in the Weddell Sea off Antarctica on November 21st, 1915. Shackleton led his crew to safety, using the ship’s boats to travel to Elephant Island, resulting in an incredible story of bravery and survival.

106 years later, on March 5th, 2022, the wreck of Endurance was found by search team Endurance22, carrying Explorers Club Flag #35. Endurance lies 9,869 feet deep, and has been designated as a protected historic site. To celebrate this historic achievement, The Explorers Club has produced this very limited collection of commemorative coins.

The Endurance Coin features an iconic image of Endurance taken on-site. An original daguerreotype, taken by expedition photographer Frank Hurley, now hangs at The Explorers Club Headquarters in New York City. The Club Flag is on the opposing side.

Please note that this is a polished silver coin — a digital image has been provided above to showcase the coin’s detail. Includes velvet navy blue case.

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