The Voyage of the Discovery – Volume One

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The Voyage of the Discovery is Robert Falcon Scott´s own narrative of his first expedition to the Antarctic, published soon after he returned to Britain in 1904. Providing a first-hand account of the dangers he and his crew faced and the obstacles that they had to overcome, it is an enthralling description of “Scott of the the Antarctic`s” historic first voyage to the south polar regions.

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Charting every aspect of the expedition, including the challenges involved in organising and preparing for an endeavour of this nature, Scott provides a detailed and authoritative record of the Discovery expedition that set out from Dundee in 1901. It reflects the sense of wonder and amazement he felt on discovering the strange fauna of the region, the problems caused by the unpredictable and harsh Antarctic weather and the hardships and privations faced by a crew forced to live in very cramped conditions far from outside help. Although Scott worried about his abilities as a writer it is a gripping narrative, praised by the The Times literary supplement in 1905 as a “masterly work”.

Illustrated with both photographs and drawings by E.A. Wilson, the expeditions and a fascinating description of the wild, frozen continent that would eventually claim its author´s life.

Captain Robert F. Scott



First published 1905, this edition 2005

Binding: Paperback


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