The Voyages Of The Morning

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The ‘Morning’ was the relief ship on Scott’s first expedition (1901-04) with William Colbeck as Captain, Evans as second-in-command and Doorly as third. The idea of a book about the role of the ‘Morning’ on the expedition had been suggested to Evans by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle soon after the expedition had returned and Evans had approached Doorly to assist him in the task. Various circumstances arose, however, which prevented this and Doorly only completed the book some ten years later.

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On the completion of the Morning’s voyages, Evans was urged by Sir A. Conan Doyle to write and publish an account of the Relief Expedition, and he asked me to join him in this work. Circumstances arose, how ever, which prevented the arrangements being then carried out. I have always felt that the story of the Relief Expedition should be on record, and ten years having now elapsed since its conclusion, I have endeavoured to tell it before the vividness of the experience fades from the memory.

Gerald S. Doorly




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