Penguins and Primus – An account of the Northern expedition June 1910 – February 1913

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In Penguins and Primus Dickason’s affectionate descriptions of his time with the Northern party, are an individual and detailed account of one of the most well-known expeditions of the Heroic Age.

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In summer clothes, with only eight weeks worth of provisions, six men found themselves trapped at Terra Nova Bay. These men, members of the the ill-fated British Antarctic Expedition, were forced to winter in a snow cave eating only penguin and seal meat before trekking the 230 miles back to base camp.

Harry Dickason


Pages/Sider: 192

Year/Utgivelsesår: 2013

Binding: Hardback

Publisher/Forlag: Australian Capital Equity


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Dimensjoner 18.5 × 3 × 24.7 cm


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