The Wicked Mate – The Antarctic diary of Victor Campbell

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An account of the Northern Party on Captain Scott’s last expedition from the original manuscript in the Queen Elizabeth II Library, Memorial university of Newfoundland.

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Foreword by Lord Shackleton K.G., P.C, O.B.E. : Victor Campbell was one of the most interesting of all Antarctic explorers and it is very satisfactory that Memorial University of Newfoundland has taken the initiative in making available for publication the text of his journals and photographs from his collection. As this book makes clear, Victor Campbell was very much a discreet man whose achievements as leader of Captain Scott’s Northern Party have been largely overlooked against the background of the tragic loss of Scott’s entire Polar party. there´s an interesting similarity here to the Ross Sea party of my father’s Endurance expedition of 1914-16.

H.G.R King




Binding: Hardcover

The Erskine Press


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