A GUN for a FOUNTAIN PEN – Antarctic Journal November 1910 – January 1912

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The story of the Terra Nova expedition is one of survival in the Antarctic. Levick’s journal adds to this record the struggles of the brave men who explored the southern continent.

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There is nothing like the Antarctic for sending the schemes of mice and men all to blazes. George Murray Levick’s journal demonstrates the courage and endurance of the men who took part in Scott’s British Antarctic Expedition. This very personal document provides insight into the extraordinary world in which they lived and their courage in the face of unthinkable obstacles. A Gun for a Fountain Pen is a lively and informal account of the conflicts and friendships that were a part of daily life in the world’s harshest environment.

George Murray Levick


Pages/Sider: 207

Year/Utgivelsesår: 2013

Binding: Hardback

Publisher/Forlag: Australian Capital Equity

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