A Thousand Days In The Arctic

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In 1897, the triumphant return of the Jackson–Harmsworth Arctic Expedition revived widespread enthusiasm for Polar exploration.

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Within days of the expedition’s arrival in London, newspapers ranging from the Boy’s Own Paper to the Graphic were full of articles relating to the endeavours and findings of this intrepid undertaking.

The demand for information did not abate and, in 1899, this two-volume account by Frederick G. Jackson (1860–1938) of his travels in Franz Josef Land was published to wide acclaim. Hailed by The Morning Post as ‘a record of solid achievement accomplished by dint of steady perseverance in the face of hardship and difficulty’, Jackson’s journal describes a forbidding terrain of ice and snow.

Illustrated by maps and numerous anthropological and zoological images, Volume 1 opens with the voyage north and goes on to recount the team’s accommodation – a wooden hut named ‘Elmwood’ – bear-hunts, and arduous but inspirational journeys by sledge.

Frederick G. Jackson




Cambridge University Press

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