C.A. Larsen – Explorer, Whaler, Family Man

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Antarctic history is full of bold, daring men who explored new places – like Amundsen, or Scott, or Shackleton. It tells of men who advanced the cause of science, such as Mawson or Bruce. But there is no other figure in the history of the Antarctic who did so many significant things so successfully as Carl Anton Larsen. This book tells his story.

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Captain Carl Anton Larsen was an explorer, who found previously undiscovered lands and bodies of ice in the Weddell Sea region. He was a contributor to science, who made key discoveries and observations and later donated valuable scientific collections to a number of Norwegian and Swedish museums. He was a leader, who fought against the odds to keep his men alive when Antarctic sank, and then made a daring open-boat journey to save them. And he was a pioneer and a visionary.

C.A. Larsen – Explorer, Whaler, Family Man

Beau Riffenburgh, Geir O. Kløver (ed.)




The Fram Museum

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