Thou Shalt Do No Murder: Inuit, Injustice, and the Canadian Arctic

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High Arctic, 1920: Three Inuit men delivered justice to an abusive Newfoundland trader.

This is the story of fur trade rivalry and duplicity, isolation and abandonment, greed and madness, and a struggle for the affections of an Inuit woman during a time of major social change in the High Arctic.

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A show trial was held in Pond Inlet in 1923 that marked an end to the Inuit traditional way of life and ushered in an era in which Inuit autonomy was supplanted by dependence on traders and police, and later missionaries.

Kenn Harper draws on a combination of Inuit oral history, archival research, and his own knowledge acquired through 50 years in the Arctic to create a compelling story of justice and injustice in the far north.

Kenn Harper 




Nunavut Arctic College

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