Fram Model Building Kit

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Building kit of the polarship Fram 1893-1896.

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The Polar Ship Fram 1893-1896.

The ship was used by Norwegian polar exploreres in the Arctic and the Antarctic from 1893 to 1912.

Fram was built by Colin Archer at his shipyard in Larvik, commisioned by Fridtjof Nansen, and built in close cooperation with him. The ship was constructed and built to be the strongest and most robust ship ever, to be able to withstand the crushing screw ice of the Arctic ocean during Fridtjof Nansen`s journey in the drift ice towards the North Pole.

The modell and building set of Fram is in 1:50 scale. The hull is 780 mm, while the total length with the bow spear is 950 mm. The height is 750 mm, and the width of the hull is 230 mm. With the aft life boats, its 343 mm.

The building set is of wood, like the original, and has solid construction. Span, hull and deckbeams are made of 4 mm plywood.

The deck house and parts on deck is mostly made of 1,5 mm plywood.

Interior and deck lists is made of ayous, linden and pine. The masts are of beech. The fittings are mostly artifical fabric and metal. Sails and lights are also included in the set.

The set is prepped to be motorized and remote controlled. This is shown in the manual, but not included.

The building set of the polar ship Fram is produced by Øgrey-Hobby after the original blueprints, with assistance from The Fram Museum.

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