South – The Endurance Expedition

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In 1914, as the shadow of war falls across Europe, a party led by veteran explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton sets out to become the first to traverse the Antarctic continent. Their initial optimism is short-lived, however, as the ice field slowly thickens, encasing the ship Endurance in a death grip, crushing their craft, and marooning 28 men on a polar ice floe.

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In an epic struggle of man versus the elements, Shackleton leads his team on a harrowing quest for survival over some of the most unforgiving terrain in the world. Icy, tempestuous, seas full of gargantuan waves, mountainous glaciers and icebergs, unending brutal cold, and ever-looming starvation are their mortal foes as Shackleton and his men struggled to stay alive.

What happened to those brave men forever stands as a testament to their strength of will and the power of human endurane.

This is their story, as told by the man who led them.

Includes 16 pages of stunning original photos by Frank Hurley, official expedition photographer.

Ernest Shackleton




Binding: Paperback

Signet Nonfiction

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