The Royal Geographical Society And The Arctic Expedition Of 1875-6: A Report

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An active and influential member of the Hakluyt Society and Royal Geographical Society, Markham was instrumental in gathering support for this 1875–6 Arctic expedition.

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He gives a clear account of the funding, planning and aims, the execution of the journey, and how the research should be continued. In particular, he documents the physical activities involved on the expedition, including the surveying of coastal landforms, and the tradition of the Royal Navy in the Arctic. This 1877 template for scientific exploration demonstrates the approaches adopted in the nineteenth century, and is still of interest today.

The enthusiasm of Sir Clements R. Markham (1830–1916) for travel and exploration started early and took him around the world. Originally a naval officer, he was later responsible for organizing the geographical mapping of much of India, and brought the method of brewing pure quinine to India from his extensive travels in Peru.

Clements Robert Markham




Cambridge University Press

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