The South Pole – An account of the Norwegian Antarctic expedition in the Fram 1910-1912

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The story of Roald Amundsen´s race with Robert Falcon Scott to reach the South Pole has passed into legend, as has the British expeditions tragic failure. This is a newly edited version of Amundsen´s own highly readable account of his extraordinary achievement, culmination in the planting of the Norwegian flag at the Pole in December 1911 by “five weather beaten, frostbitten fists”.

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As his story reveals in fascination detail, Amundsen´s triumph was due to careful planning, professionalism, and the intelligent use of technology, as well as to imagination, courage and teamwork. An inspirational leader, Amundsen was determined that the credit for the expedition´s success should be “equally divided among us all”. This emphasis on co-operation is evident in all his many achievements in the field of exploration. Amundsen died in 1928 when the airship in which he was searching for a fellow explorer crashed.

In addition to numerous maps and diagrams, this editions also includes twenty four pages of photographs taken by members of the expedition on their race to the Pole.

Roald Amundsen, A.G. Chater(translation)



First published 1912, this edition 2002

Binding: Paperback



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