Our Exhibitions


Visitors are welcome aboard
The Nansen Saloon is surrounded by smaller cabins. The Saloon is open to the public and can even be hired for private events.
Freely explore the ship's interior
The piano from the 2nd Fram expedition
The ship's galley

The centerpiece of the museum is the world´s strongest wooden ship, the polar ship Fram. The public can go on board and take a look around in her cabins, lounges, cargo hold and engine room.

We are proud to present the mighty Fram.

After Fridjof Nansens first expedition, the ship was taken down to Colin Archers' yard and an extra deck was added. This made the living conditions more comfortable. She was also fitted and redesigned for the third expedition under Roald Amundsen, but is now in the state and shape she was under Otto Sverdrup's command.

Otto Sverdrup was appointed the first chairman of the Fram Committee. An attempt to raise money to restore the ship had failed, and the committee found that there was no way of saving the Fram. Sverdrup, however, disagreed and stated: "We are not going to give up - this is when it all starts!". Needless to say, we are very happy he persisted in chasing the funding to create the Fram Museum.

Ship Shape!

It is our intention to make Fram even more exiting than she is today, by rigging her for an expedition. As the museum is in a constant search of improving, we want to give our "grand old lady" a facelift in the inside. This means opening cabins to the public, rigging the workshops and engine room, reorganizing the hold etc.

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