After Hours at The Fram Museum


Enhance your visit to the Fram Museum by bringing your guests to us after opening hours.

We`ll work together to create the perfect deep dive into polar history through our story telling, complimented by authentic, gastronomic experience.

Spending time alone at the museum provides your guests with unique surroundings, atmosphere and a nearness to the original spirit of polar exploration!

In our menus you will find traditional Norwegian ingredients in combination with Arctic exclusivity – set in a modern context. Experienced chefs from Kreativ Catering have among other things taken inspiration from the famous polar chef Adolf Lindstrøm’s own recipes.

Our guides will tell you the fascinating stories behind Fram and Gjøa, the men onboard and the men who leaded them through the polar ice towards becoming a part of the world’s polar history.

Please contact us for further information. (Choose Private events from the drop down menu).