Fram Museum Oslo

Private events


All our guests have different expectations for their events. Some want it more rustic and some want it more sophisticated. Some have more focus on food and some have more focus on learning polar history. Some prefer an experience with hints of Norwegian folk traditions intertwined while others and some will prefer Grieg’s classical music during the dinner.

We at the Fram Museum will always find a solution that meets your wishes in the best possible way. Here are some of our event concepts.


The 4th Fram-expedition: your gastronomic journey with the Fram-crew

The guests will taste a variety of food and beverages related to the Fram-expeditions in different places in the museum. The guide will tell the story of Fram and the connection between what is being served and her journeys, also by using excerpts from crew diaries.

Location: Explorers’ Club + Fram (guiding and serving)
Number of guests: up to 30 pax
Duration: 1.5-2 hours

•    welcome drink: cocktail Nansen Mule is served in the Explorers’ Club in enamel Fram-mugs: copies of the mugs they used onboard. The guided tour begins with Nansen’s unique idea for Fram’s construction.

•    canapés + wine: selection of expedition related tastes (salmon tartar, dried cod, cured meats, king crab) + wine or mineral water are served on the upper deck of Fram. The tour continues here and then inside the ship.

•    cheese on Sætre biscuits + Ringnes bock: one of the few alcoholic beverages on the 1st Fram-expedition. The guests will see copies of original bottles and Sætre biscuit boxes in the hold. The tour continues to the middle deck, where the serving will take place.

•    pancakes with brunost (traditional Norwegian whey cheese): Lindstrøm served American hotcakes to the crew every breakfast while wintering in Antarctica. We serve them in the Amundsen saloon.  

•    coffee + Cloetta chocolate: Cloetta was voted the best chocolate for the sled expedition towards the South Pole during the 3rd Fram-journey. The guests will be able to enjoy a cup of coffee and some chocolate on the upper deck of Fram. 


FRAM: “All for Norway”

The Fram-expeditions are an important part of Norwegian history and were significant for Norwegian self-identity as a new nation at the end of the 19th / beginning of the 20th centuries. During this evening the guests will experience the Fram Museum as a unique polar exploration museum with a touch of Norwegian traditional culture and modern cuisine based on the best seasonal local ingredients.

Location: Explorers’ Club + Fram (serving) & whole Fram-building (guiding)
Number of guests: up to 90 pax
Duration: 4-5 hours

•    welcome drink: sparkling wine + canapés with traditional Norwegian ingredients are served in Explorers’ Club or in the exhibition hall (depending on the number of guests). 

•    guided tour: the guide takes the guests on an exciting tour through the museum exhibitions with all the main spots included: the Fram-diorama, the polar bear, the dog sledge expo, the South pole tent. The tour ends onboard Fram.

•    dinner on the deck of Fram: we invite our guests to dinner on the upper deck by ringing the ship’s bell while the chefs finish the last preparations on the aft deck. Norwegian folk music/artists in Norwegian folk costumes perform during the dinner. 

•    Aquavit as avec: the most “Norwegian” spirit you can find. A well-made aquavit can compete with the best brandies. 

•    inside Fram: after the dinner is served the guests are welcome to experience how the crew lived inside the ship during Fram’s historical journeys. A guide will be available for this part of the evening if needed.


In the footsteps of Amundsen

Location: Gjøa + Fram (serving) & the entire museum (guiding)
Number of guests: up to 30 pax
Duration: 4-5 hours

The guests will experience two main attractions at the Fram Museum: the polar ships Gjøa and Fram. Both are connected to the name of legendary Norwegian polar explorer Roald Amundsen, the first person to have reached both the South Pole and the North Pole. We will also tell you about Amundsen’s thrilling aircraft expeditions to the Arctic.

•    welcome drink: sparkling wine/cocktails is served onboard Gjøa. The guided tour begins here.

•    guided tour: with focus on Amundsen’s expeditions and his talent for planning, organizing and executing them. 

•    Aquavit in igloo + Inuit outfit: the shot with aquavit is served in the igloo by one of our employees dressed in an Inuit outfit. The guide talks about how important the knowledge from the Inuit was for Amundsen’s expeditions, and the tour then continues among the exhibitions in the Fram-building.

•    dinner on the deck of Fram: we serve a polar inspired menu on the upper deck. The guide reads notes from Amundsen’s journey diaries between the courses.

•    inside Fram: after the dessert the guests are welcome to see how the crew lived inside the ship. The guide will be available for questions.