Fram Museum Oslo

Private events


The entire museum


When the Fram museum opens its doors to private events after regular opening hours, it transforms into a unique venue for receptions. The mix of authentic surroundings and modern technology makes it possible to experience polar history in a very special way: becoming a part of it on board the original polar ships Fram and Gjøa.

Reception: 1100 people

Upper deck of Fram


Let yourself be fascinated and inspired by the amazing story of the expeditions of Norway's greatest polar heroes and enjoy a meal on the deck of this legendary ship while she is sailing through the ice on her way to becoming the most famous polar ship in the world.

Reception: 120 people 
Buffet (standing): 120 people 
Dinner (seated): 90 people

The Amundsen Saloon (below the main deck)


Here you will have dinner in the crew's authentic dining room from Fram's second and third expeditions. Our menu is inspired by meals that the cook Lindstrøm prepared and is served on copies of enamel dishes from the South Pole journey. An exclusive experience. You will not come closer the polar history anywhere!

Dinner (seated): 20 people

Explorers’ Club (top floor of the Fram-buiding)


In this room you will experience the museum’s best view on Fram with the bow of this world-famous polar ship entering the room and creating an unforgettable atmosphere. A perfect place for presentations, lectures and receptions. It is also well suited for dinners for smaller groups.

Reception: 60 people 
Buffet (standing): 40 people 
Dinner (seated): 27 people

Gjøa-buiding (ground and 1st floor) / Upper deck of Gjøa


Amundsen's first polar ship and her historic voyage through the Northwest Passage. With the beautiful newly restored Gjøa as the main element, this hall is a great frame for bigger events. The solution with mobile displays in the exhibits makes it possible to customize the venue for different event formats.

Reception: 500 people
Buffet (standing): 400 people
Dinner (seated): 200 people

Gjøa's upper deck is perfectly suited for smaller receptions or as a start point for an event that will continue on Fram

Reception: 30 people

Conference Room (1st floor of the Gjøa-building)


A bright room with a series of original polar-inspired paintings on the wall and all necessary technical equipment. The polar ship Gjøa is only a few meters away and is a nice place for a coffee break or a glass of sparkling wine after the day’s program is finished. All museum exhibitions are also available for visiting. Food and beverages can be served according to your wishes.

Theater: 50 people
Conference: 26 people

Café Framheim (Fram-building)


Our museum café named after and stylized as Amundsen's wintering site in the Antarctica. Here you can enjoy lunch with a great view of the legendary Fram and with the northern lights dancing in the window frame. The café can also be rented for reception after the regular opening hours.

Capacity: 80 people

Cinema (Gjøa-building)


Comfortable seats and high-class technical equipment. A perfect place for conferences, lectures and presentations. Food and beverages can be served outside the cinema.

Capacity: 116 people

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