The Museum

Opening hours & prices

The Fram Museum is open as normal, but our cinema is currently closed due to Covid-19 restrictions. We advise guests to use a facemask when it is not possible to maintain 1-m distance to other guests, and to use hand sanitizer when entering the museum.

Stay safe!

January 1 – February 28:
March 1 – April 30:
11 – 17
10 – 17
May 1 – May 31:10 – 18
June 1 – August 31:10 – 17
September 1 – September 30:11 – 17
October 1 – December 31:11 – 17

Persons accompanying the disabled enter for free. The museum is wheelchair accessible.

Adults:140 kr
Children and students (with valid student ID):50 kr
Seniors:100 kr
Groups (more than 15):100 kr
Families (2 Adults + 5 kids):300 kr
Guided tours:2200 kr *
Prices for combined tickets will be updated after new years.
Joined tickets:Pris:
FRAM/NMM, Adults250 kr
FRAM/NMM, Seniors180 kr
FRAM/NMM, Children90 kr
FRAM/NMM, students (with valid student ID):90 kr
FRAM/NMM, Families (2 Adults + 5 children):540 kr
FRAM/KON-TIKI, Adults250 kr
FRAM/KON-TIKI, Seniors180 kr
FRAM/KON-TIKI, Children90 kr
FRAM/KON-TIKI, students (with valid student ID):90 kr
FRAM/KON-TIKI, Families (2 Adults + 5 children):540 kr
FRAM/KON-TIKI/NMM, Adult:380 kr
FRAM/KON-TIKI/NMM, Seniors270 kr
FRAM/KON-TIKI/NMM, children:140 kr
FRAM/KON-TIKI/NMM, students (with valid student ID):140 kr
FRAM/KON-TIKI/NMM, Families (2 Adults + 5 children):810 kr

* Please call +47 23282950 to arrange. The price covers the guided tour. Entrance fees to the museum will be charged separately.

Our café currently closed to stop the spread of Covid-19 and for our guests safety.

Feel free to also call for further information or use our contact form.

Remember that you can purchase joined tickets for the Norwegian Maritime Museum, The Kon-Tiki Museum and the Fram Museum (or just two of them) that gives you a discounted price when you visit more than one museum in the same day. The ticket can be purchased at The Norwegian Maritime Museum, The Kon-Tiki Museum or here at The Fram Museum.