Fram Museum Oslo

Private events


The Fram Museum offers a variety of menus - the whole spectrum from exquisite finger food to an exclusive nine course dinner.

Some of our menus are inspired by polar regions and gastronomic experiences during Fram and Gjøa’s expeditions. Others are more traditional, both in the choice of ingredients and in the composition of the dishes.


We cooperate with one of the leading catering companies in Oslo, which was established in 2003 by a former Norwegian master of cuisine. Kreativ Catering is known for their passion for seasonal local ingredients and for being inspired by the “stories” behind the venues. 

When they created our Polar Inspired menu, they used descriptions from the crewmembers’ diaries from the South Pole Expedition, as well as and Adolf Lindstrøm’s own recipes.

"America" soup
served with scallops from Frøya


Reindeer a la Lindstrøm
accompanied with glazed beetroot, potatoes and brown butter


Hot cakes 
served with cloud berry soup, whipped sour cream with thyme