The polar chef Adolf Lindstrøm, the inspiration for many of our exclusive menus


Three course season menu
January 1 – February 28 2018

Slightly smoked cod
served with cucumber, dill and horseradish mayonnaise


Duck from Holte farm
served with Jerusalem artichoke, garden cress and kale


Caramelized apple
served with tapioca and lemon verbena oil





Polar inspired three course menu

"America" Soup
served with scallops from Frøya


Raindeer Beef a la Lindstrøm
served with glazed beet root, potatoes
and brown butter.


Cloudberry Soup
served with Hot Cakes and whipped sour cream with thyme



(3, 5, 7 or 10 pieces)

Rosemary fried chicken
Smoked trout accompanied with pickled celery
Cucumber topped with pine gel (V)
= 3 pieces
Cured veal with mustard seed
Thyme smoked cheese (V)
= 5 pieces
Cured leg of lamb served with apples
Beet roots topped with hazelnut cream (V)
= 7 pieces
Smoked duck breast
Lobster served with truffle mayonnaise
Norwegian king crab served with brown butter
= 10 pieces

V= Vegetarian






Polar Tapas / Buffet

Smoked salmon with lemon, dill and mustard sauce
Scrambled eggs with chives
«Skagen salad»
Cred meat from Metervare served with homemade flatbread and sourcream
Roastbeef with remoulade
Liver Pâté from Metervare with pickled cucumber and bacon
Meat balls with onion compote
Potato salad with apple
Chicken terrine served with root fruit purè
Green salad of the season
Small pies with karamelized apple and lemon thyme curd
Homemade bread
Butter from Røros




Exclusive Polar Tapas / Buffet
January 1- February 28 2018

Scallops with kale and pancetta
Slightly smoked cod with cucumber and dill
Potato cake with salted lamb
Poached egg accompanied with leek and roe cream
Creamed barley with preserved mushrooms and Wrångbacks cheese
Dehydrated beet root with smoked cream cheese
Grilled halibut accompanied with parsley root and garden cress
Duck terrine with grilled jerusalem artichockes and black kale (served warm)
Jerusalem artichocke purè (served warm)
Duck sauce (served warm)
Homemade sourdough bread
Whipped butter from Røros
Caramelized apple with tapioca and lemon verbena oil