Fram Museum Oslo

The South Pole Gingerbread Tent and contest

This year we are commemorating the 1911 conquest of the South Pole by giving you the opportunity to make an identical, albeit somewhat smaller version, – in gingerbread! Building plans available!

Please download the PDF building instructions to make your own. The PDF is made to be printed at 100% size on A4 paper, unless you have an A3 printer at your disposal and wish to make a larger version. It can also be printed in Letter size. Please refer to your printer settings for optimal results on your printer.

There is also a contest! If you build your own tent and wish to share it with the world, have a look at our Facebook page for details.

The famous South Pole Gingerbread Tent
The original scene that took place on December 14th 1911
Alternate view of the gingerbred tent