Fram Museum Oslo

A weekend of interesting lectures

Friday December 3rd and Saturday December 4th saw us glued to our auditorium seats here at the Fram Museum while a series of lectures on polar and historical subjects took place.

The following lectures were held:

Geir O. Kløver gave an introduction to the upcoming book publication on Roald Amundsen’s correspondence with his brother, Leon. A unique insight into the planning behind Amundsen’s expeditions and their subsequent lecture tours.

Mattias Høyem introduced and screened his new documentary film about Eivind Astrup.

Jan Ove Ekeberg: A unique friendship. Amundsen and his cook, Adolf H. Lindstrøm.

Øyvind Nordsletten: A complex relationship – Fridtjof Nansen and Russia.

Fridtjof Mehlum: Roald Amundsen ́s lecture tours after the Gjøa-expedition (1903-1906).

Mikrofilm: Titina – the true-ish story of an animated epic.

John Geiger: But a Whimper: The End of the Heroic Age.

Shackleton Autumn School, Athy: The Centenary of Ernest Shackleton’s death in 2022.

The lectures were followed by a recreation of an historical 8-course dinner, featuring the same speeches that were originally held in 1896.

Make sure to keep the first weekend of 2022 open in your calendar for next year’s Roald Amundsen Memorial Lectures and dinner!