Fram Museum Oslo

Nansen is back in his cabin


After just over 120 years Fridtjof Nansen has returned to his old cabin on board the polar ship Fram. For this we can thank Swedish artist and modelmaker Cathrine Abrahamsson and her team who have worked hard on the features, posture and clothes of our new Nansen figure:

Our friend Christian Scharning who happens to pocess almost perfect Nansenesque proportions, is photographed in the cabin. Measurements are taken. Photo: Storm Halvorsen / Fram

Meanwhile in Stockholm, Cathrine is hard at work using a different tall man as a model.Photo: Cathrine Abrahamsson


The face is sculpted by Cathrine Abrahamsson, Oscar Nilsson and Eline Kumlander and then cast and molded…Photo: Cathrine Abrahamsson


The new Nansen seems to have better personal hygiene than most polar explorers.Photo: Cathrine Abrahamsson


The body skeleton is welded by Roy Kristiansen. Here Nansen patiently awaits his proper outfit…Photo: Cathrine Abrahamsson


…being created especially for him by Vea Collins.


Finally the face and hands are finished to perfection with paints and hair.Photo: Cathrine Abrahamsson


A short stop underway to the Fram Museum in Oslo. Is everything ready for crossing the border into Norway? Photo: Cathrine Abrahamsson


Back in cabin no.1 on board the Fram.  Photo: Storm Halvorsen / Fram


Photo: Storm Halvorsen / Fram