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Kakot was a Chukchi who worked on the Maud 1920-25. He was Kakonita’s father.


The Chukchi Kakot appeared by the Maud when she was lying by Cape Serdsje Kamen in winter 1920. He wanted a job, and after some thought Amundsen engaged him as a general worker, who was to do anything from chopping wood to washing up. After a while he was allowed to help Amundsen in the galley. One day he brought his 4 year old daughter Kakonita, who was motherless and covered in dirt and sores. Amundsen washed and looked after her until she was in good health. Kakot left the Maud in February 1921 leaving Amundsen to continue to look after Kakonita. He returned later with a new wife, and both worked on board as long as the Maud expedition lasted.

Together with Charles Carpendale’s 10 year old daughter Camilla, Kakonita travelled with Amundsen to his home at Svartskog outside Oslo where they lived until 1925. Then were then sent back to the Carpendale family as Amundsen was now bankrupt. Kakonita did not go back to her father, who obtained no more work after the Maud expedition.


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